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    Quick Dam Water-Activated Flood Barrier


    With the Quick Dam Water-Activated Flood Barrier, you can safeguard your home from storm surges, rainwater, overflowing appliances, and more! This sandless innovation is the ultimate solution for absorbing, containing, and diverting flood water. These barriers are your reliable defense against any water-related emergencies.

    Key Features

    • Fast Action: What sets these flood barriers apart is their water-activated and self-inflating mechanism. When in contact with water, the inner absorbent material turns into gel, creating a sturdy barrier that rises to an impressive 3.5 inches high in just 10 minutes. This quick response time ensures that you can react swiftly to protect your property when floodwaters start to rise.
    • Safe to Use: Not only are they highly effective, but they are also environmentally-friendly, pet-friendly, non-toxic, and non-hazardous.
    • Durable: They last for months, making them a cost-effective solution for long-term flood protection. Please note that the Quick Dam Flood Barriers may shrink as they dry out, but don’t worry! When re-exposed to water, they will swell up again, ready to provide the necessary defense against flooding. Unused, they have a shelf life of 5+ years, so don’t fret about storing them for a long time until the need arises.
    • Convenient: Deploying these flood barriers is a breeze. They are compact, lightweight, and require no labor-intensive sand filling like traditional sandbags. Simply position the barriers with the wider edge towards the water and the smaller wedge away from the water to prevent any rolling out of position. Once in place, you can leave them there for 3-6 months of ongoing protection.
    • Inclusions: It includes 4 packs of 5-feet flood barriers that are flexible, allowing you ease of placement and control of water diversion.

    Upgrade your flood protection strategy with the Quick Dam Water-Activated Flood Barrier, the convenient and reliable alternative to traditional sandbags. Say goodbye to the hassle of sand and labor! These barriers are all you need to keep your property safe from water-related disasters.

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