Other Uses for Water Warner

Water Warner has been marketed for a couple of years and it is such an obvious application to have that others would have either come up with something similar, or copied it. So, while you could download other freeware programs out there to help you do other things, and perhaps other programs have more features  🙂 this one is still fairly versatile.

1. Break Warner

It is recommended by many doctors, physiotherapists, gym instructors, occupational health and safety officials and the like that you should take a 10 minute break every 40 minutes of constant typing on the computer. Set the Water Warner to make a sound when your body needs a break. If you’re like me and just spend 12 hours a day on the computer with a 10 minute trip to buy a sushi role every now and then, you’ll appreciate this setting.

Break Warner – set the amount of times the alarm needs to go off between 9am and 5pm to: 12

2. Vitamins Warner

It should go without saying but we need to anyway. No matter what setting you choose we can’t be held responsible if the alarm doesn’t go off or you don’t hear the alarm due to some kind of distraction. It isn’t a medical aid, just a guide. So best to use it for basic things like taking vitamins but not important cancer and diabetes medication, for example. So, if you wish to take your vitamins 3 times a day…

Vitamin Warner – Set the time to 8am to 10pm and the number to: 5

NB: You’ll know what vitamins you plan to take and when. As most vitamins only need to be taken once or twice, putting the capsules next to your breakfast things in the morning would be just as good!

3. Meeting Warner

Got a regular lunch break time at 1pm? This is easy. Just set it to 3. That way it’ll register your work start time as 9am and your work finish time as 5pm and then make a sound at exactly 1pm. If your lunch break is at 12pm, change the time to be 8am to 4pm.

If you have some other useful ideas for the Water Warner, feel free to post them on the forum.

Many thanks!

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