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Glass of WaterSo, who made it?

It was created by Neil A Hogan, a hard-working author, who frequently forgets to drink water. He hired one of his students to write it for him. Find out about some of his work here: Alien Dimensions | Alien Characters | Galactic Missions | Maldek House | Science Fiction Weekly

Why do I need Water Warner? Why can’t I just set my calendar to go off at certain times of the day to remind me to drink water?
Yes, of course you can do that. Have you done that? Gone into your calendar application, set the to and from times you’d like during the day, set each one with a tone, set it to go off regularly for the next week, month, year? No? Neither have I. It was easier to design this program. Let Water Warner do it for you. It’s quick and easy and you can turn the whole lot off and on anytime.

Is there any spyware or adware?
When you right click to look at the menu, you’ll see a line at the bottom of the menu showing a link to one of my sites. It doesn’t connect to a server. It’s just a link, like every program has on their about pages. So, no spyware or adware. Hope that’s okay!

What does the options page look like?

Options Page

I like it and want to make it part of one of my own free projects.

Send me your idea and I’ll consider it.

Can I sell it?
It’s free. Please don’t sell it.

This must have cost a lot of money to design. How are you going to make that back?
Like most free things created with love, it’s donationware. If you find your life has improved since installing Water Warner and increasing your water intake, please buy me a drink.

Please buy me a drink! 🙂

I really don’t understand why people would do anything for free. What’s in it for you?
Someone helped me discover how important water is for my body. Since drinking water regularly my health and energy levels have improved and I’m a happier person. Now I want to pass this information on in a 21st century way.

I want to discuss the technical aspects of the program with you. So, it’s been created using java and…
Sorry, I designed the program but hired a fantastic programmer to create it based on my specifications. I don’t know the first thing about programming!

What if I have a problem with the program?
It has been tested in XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Some systems may need the free java runtime environment for it to work. You’ll be prompted by Windows if you need it, and it should redirect you to the download site. Or download it here: Free Java Download

Is it true that we have to drink 8 glasses of water a day?
No. It’s a recommendation by a lot of governments, health officials and water salesmen but it really depends on the weather, your body type and what else you eat and drink. Coffee dehydrates you so if you drink coffee you may have to drink 10 glasses of water on top of that. The down side is the amount of times you’re going to have to visit the bathroom! It would be better to replace your coffee with water. If you have soup or drink tea then you’ll probably need less water to complement it. If you don’t drink much water at all, and just rely on the moisture in the food you eat, you may wish to try adding 8 glasses of water to your intake and see how it suits you. If you drink alcohol, here’s a tip. Between each glass of alcohol, have a glass of water. You’re less likely to get a hangover in the morning!

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2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I cannot access the forum it says “403 – Forbidden” and I can’t get the program to start every time I restart my PC even if autostart is selected.

  2. Hi John. I’m sorry to hear about the hassle you’ve had with the program. The forum had to be shut down due to being overrun with sploggers. I haven’t found a solution for that yet. The program should automatically start if autostart is checked, unless it is unchecked in msconfig. Run Win R, type ‘msconfig’ check programs set to start when windows starts, and make sure it is activated. If it is there, then there might be any number of factors from Windows Firewall blocking it for some reason, or another program stopping it from starting, or a corrupted ini file. Sorry that I couldn’t be more help. – Neil

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