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Business people drinking waterDo you get so caught up in your day that you even forget to drink water? I forget to eat sometimes which is probably a good thing but forgetting to drink is another matter. While lack of food can make you hungry, lack of water can cause headaches, cramps, problems in the bathroom, fatigue, bad skin, cancer of the colon, flatulence, slower thinking, reduced efficiency, bladder problems, reduced immune system capacity, reduced energy levels, increased heart attack risks, increased susceptibility to colds and flu, increased weight and much more! Don’t you owe it to yourself to drink more water???

About Water Warner

Water Warner is here to save all those hard working individuals stuck at their desk, working so hard they forget to take care of their bodies. It’ll help to remind you to drink water. It’s free and installs in seconds. Download here
If you found it useful, please buy me a drink!

Please buy me a drink! 🙂

Download Water Warner

Woman Drinking Water

When installed you’ll see an icon on your tool bar like this: Right click on that to visit the menu to set up your warning times.

Most of us are caught up in the rat race but we’re likely to get off the treadmill quicker if we’re happier, healthier and more vital. Water Warner will help you remember to drink water by trickling at certain times during the day. All you need to do is set the times you work, the amount of times you would like Water Warner to trickle during that period and it does the rest. Some people like to do the standard 8 glasses of water a day but it would depend on the hours you work, how big you are or how much you exercise, and what other drinks you have during the day. You would know what number is best for you or, if you don’t, ask your doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist or health adviser.

If you’d like to find out more about the program before downloading it, visit our FAQ page here: Water Warner FAQ

The file is zipped and is only about 3MB so that you not only can download it quickly, you can also email it to your friends!

Please have Java installed on your desktop. If not, the Water Warner installation wizard should automatically contact a java download site for you.

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